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A Good Friend

Introduction: Friendship is a bond (বন্ধন) between people with the same interests (আগ্রহ) and opinions (মতামত). Such people are called friends. Friends are a very valuable asset (সম্পদ) to our life. They will always be our companion (সাথী) in happiness (সুখ) or sadness (দুঃখ). They are the gems (রত্ন) of our lives.

 Importance of a good friend: A good friend is someone hard to find with no expectations (প্রত্যাশা) and no demands (দাবী). He never lets his friend alone (একা) when they pass a hard (কঠিন) time. A good friend contributes (অবদান রাখা) to our mental (মানসিক) and physical (শারিরীক) well-being (মঙ্গল). They help us relieve (মুক্ত করা) stress (চাপ) and provide (সরবরাহ করা) joy (আনন্দ) and comfort (আরাম). A good friend is the greatest gift in one’s life. But getting a good and true friend is difficult to find. We all know, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” This sentence tells what a good friend is. The friend who stands by us in your danger is a real friend. A real friend is the closest (অত্যন্ত কাছের), dearest, faithful (বিশ্বস্থ) and best companion (সঙ্গী) in life.

Qualities of A Good Friend: There are some qualities (গুণ) of a good friend. Some important qualities are given below:

Good Listener: A friend who is all ears for us will not draw sudden (হঠাৎ) conclusions (সমাপ্তি). They will listen to us carefully and probably (সম্ভবত) give the best solutions to our problems.

Trustworthy: Only a trustworthy (বিশ্বস্ত) person can be a good friend. We can trust them blindly even while sharing a secret (গোপন).

Supportive: A good friend is our biggest support (সহযোগী) system. They will always be standing for us in times of happiness and pain (দুঃখ)!

Reliable: A true friend can be relied on for anything.

Resolves All the Fights: A good friend will never leave your hand even after a bad fight. He will wait until everything cools down.

Sharing and Caring: True friends love to share and care for their friends.

Strong Bond: A true friend’s bond comprises (গঠিত) love, care, loyalty (আনুগত্য), affection, respect, and faith. Nothing can break this bond. Nothing!

Interaction: A true friendship does not require daily conversations (আলাপচারিতা) or daily spending of time together. We can go a long time without any interaction (মিথষ্ক্রিয়া) and then one-day meet to realize nothing has changed at all.

Conclusion: True friends are always caring, loving and loyal. These qualities make a friend as a good friend. However, the person who cheats us, talks behind our back and laughs at (বিদ্রুপ করা) can never be our true friend. Thus, we can say to have a good friend is always like getting a real pearl (মুক্তা).

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