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Bangabandhu sheikh Mujuru Rahman - paragraph

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the architect (স্থপতি) of independent Bangladesh. He is recognized (স্বীকৃতি দেওয়া) as the great Bengali of the past thousands of years. we owe (ঋনী) his charismatic (চমকপ্রদ) leadership (নেতৃত্ব) for making us a great nation. He worked for the welfare (কল্যান) of the people all his life. His contribution (অবদান) and sacrifice (উৎস্বর্গ) for the independence of Bangladesh cannot be forgotten (ভুলে যাওয়া). Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born on March 16, 1920 in Tungipara village of Faridpur and present Gopalganj district.
His father’s name is Sheikh Lutfar Rahman. His mother’s name is Saira Khatun. Among two brothers and four sisters; He was the third. He passed BA from Calcutta University in 1947. He was admitted to the Department of Law in Dhaka University in 1948. His historic (ঐতিহাসিক) address (ভাষণ) on the 7th March 1971, at a vast (বিশাল) gathering (মিলনমেলা) at the Race Course marked a turning point (যে অবস্থা হইতে পরিবর্তনের সূচনা হয়/ সন্ধিকাল) in the history of the Bengali Nation. In his address he made a clarion call (উদ্দীপিত করার জন্য উচ্চ স্বরের ডাক), saying: " Build forts (দূর্গ) in each homestead. You must resist the Pakistani army with whatever you have in hand. Remember: since we have already had to shed blood , we will have to shed a lot more of it. By the grace of Allah we will be able to liberate the people of this land. The struggle this time is a struggle for freedom__ the struggle this time is a struggle for emancipation. He was arrested at 25 March, 1971 and was taken to Pakistan. He was sent back home after Liberation. Unfortunately he was assassinated (গুপ্তহত্যা করা) by some misguided Army officers on 15th August, 1975, along with (সাথে/সহ) most of his family members excepting (ছাড়া) for his two daughters. It is considered (বিবেচনা করা হয়) a great loss for the nation. Nothing can compensate (ক্ষতিপূরণ দেওয়া) the loss. He was engraved (কবর দেওয়া) at Tungipara in Gopalganj.
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