Food Adulteration And Its Damning Consequences -Report Writing

*** Suppose, you are a reporter of an English Daily. Now, write a report for your newspaper on food adulteration and its damning consequences.

                                               Food Adulteration And Its Damning Consequences

Akash Mahmud, Staff reporter, Dhaka, 10 July: A high profile mobile team of Food Ministry seized a huge amount o adulterated food items from Karwan Bazar yesterday. The foods include milk powder, wheat, edible oil, powder spices, fish, meat, etc.

Toxic chemicals, garments dyes and mostly formalin are being used in food items to preserve food for more days. Brick-dust in chili powder, coloured chalk-powder in turmeric and injectable dyes in watermelon are frequently used. Juice are totally unsafe due to chemiclas used in them. Rice and puffed rice are mixed with urea fertilizer to make them more whit. Fish, milk and green vegetables are mixed with formalin to protect them  from rotting. As a result, public health is being threatened. Consuming these foods, many people are attacked with incurable diseases like cancer, kidney failure and heart disease.

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