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Question: Write an e-mail to your friend telling about what you intend to do after SSC examination. 

To              : "Gazi Sharif"
Subject    :  My intention to do after SSC exam.

Dear Gazi Sharif,

This is to say thanks for your last email. In your last email you have wanted to know about my intension after SSC examination. Our SSC Examination is over. I have done fairly well in the examination. I am hopeful of having ‘A+’ grade. I am now quite free. I have now three months of time. So I am going to enjoy a long vacation. I can spend the time as I like best. You know most of the people of our village are poor and illiterate. They do not know how to read and write. So I have decided to start a night school in our village. I shall teach them necessary primary education. Some of my friends in the village have assured me to help in my programme.

No more today. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice time.
Your loving friend
Mofiz Khan

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