Report on Frequent Road Accidents : An Alarming Issue

Suppose, you are a reporter of a national daily. Now, write a report for your newspaper on “Frequent road accidents”.

                                                 Frequent Road Accidents : An Alarming Issue

Staff reporter, 3 June : There has been an alarming rise in road accidents, significantly highway accidents, in Bangladesh over the past few years. According to a study conducted by the Accident Research Centre (ARC) of BUET, road accidents claim on average 12,000 lives annually and lead to about 35,000 injuries. According to World Bank statistics, annual fatality rate from road accidents is found to be 85.6 fatalities per 10, 000 vehicles. Hence, the roads in Bangladesh have become deadly! But these statistics, numerically shocking as they may be, fail to reflect the social tragedy related to each life lost to road accidents. One accident that remains afresh in everyone’s memory is the death of 44 school children, after the truck they were travelling in skid and fell into a pond. 44 young dreams and hopes lost due to reckless driving. In another tragedy, Bangladesh lost two brilliant citizens, filmmaker Tareq Masud and journalist Mishuk Munier, to another road accident.

A high growth in urbanization and motorization can be identified as one of the factors leading to the higher number of roads accidents. Recent studies claim that the annual urban growth rate in Bangladesh stood at 4% in 2010, whereas the growth in motor vehicles stood at 8% in 2015 and in the recent years both the scenery have got worsened. Consequently, the road system are experiencing greater congestion, physical deterioration and safety problems. According to a WB report, only 40% of the main roads (National Highways and the zila Roads) are in good state.

For a developing country like Bangladesh, allowing its citizen to perish to road accidents in not only tragic but unacceptable!

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