Report on Severe Traffic Jam at Sadarghat Area

Suppose, you are a reporter of a Daily Newspaper. Now, write a report on traffic Jam in you locality. Use about 120 words.

                                                              Severe Traffic Jam at Sadarghat Area

Sadarghat, Dhaka, 25 April: Traffic jam at Sadarghat area has reached beyond the tolerance level causing a great sufferings to the dwellers of this area. People living in this part are afraid of coming out because traffic jam is a constant scenario here.

Sadarghat, an important business Centre as well as an area adjacent to a leading river port, has become unfit for essential movements due to sever traffic jam. It kills the valuable time of the common people. School going children all along experience the bitterness of the traffic jam. Service holders, businessmen and workers also suffer much for it. Narrowness of roads, excess of rickshaws, unplanned development of infrastructures, indiscriminate movement of the vehicles, violation of the traffic rules are the major causes of traffic jam in this part of the old town.

Indiscriminate car parking is also a cause of traffic jam. The problem of traffic jam of this area should be solved without any delay. Traffic rules should be strictly followed by all. The movement of rickshaws should be controlled. Besides, traffic police should be well trained and sincere to their duty. Car parking on the road should not be allowed anyhow.

Above all, if we all become careful about traffic jam, it can be lessened to some extent.

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