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The Merits of Online Classes - Paragraph

An online class is a course conducted over the Internet. They are generally conducted through a learning management system, in which students can view their course syllabus and academic progress, as well as communicate with fellow students and their course instructor. We call online classes eLearning. The short form of eLearning is electronic learning. There are a lot of merits of online classes. Zoom, Google meet and Microsoft teams are some platforms for online studies. However, through online classes a student can attend classes from their homes. It takes less time to attend an online class. At the same time, various groups can attend online classes. For users and teachers, both points of view online classes are cheaper than traditional classes. They both can access the internet from their own devices. 

Some vocational courses or regular courses provide an option to study online. Here students have the option to choose the slot as per their accordance (অনুযায়ী). This pattern can be timing friendly for students. Online education can cost less due to a variety of reasons. For example, there is no cost for commuting (যাতায়াত). Costs that are related to transport, such as fuel, parking, car maintenance, and public transportation costs don't affect the online student.

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