An e-mail to your friend describing your experience visiting to a new place.

Suppose, you are Sharif/Surovi. You have recently visited a new place with some of your friends and family members. Now, write an e-mail to your friend Mofiz/Mofiza who lives in another city, describing your experience of the visit.

To              :

Subject    :  My experience about a new place.

Dear Mofiz,

Take my love. Hope you are keeping well. This is to say thanks for your last email. As you know last Monday, I went Maynamoti, Cumilla with some of my local friends and family members. You know Maynamoti is a place of historical importance. I want to share my experience with you.

On the fixed day, we reached the Bus Station at 8:30 am. We bought our tickets and got into the bus. As our destination was Cumilla, we fed our eyes with the passing scenes and sights through the window. The trees, buildings, meadows and houses seemed to run back. At 11:30 am the bus arrived at Maynamoti. One of my friends lives in Maynamoti who received us. He helped us to visit the place. We have enjoyed the place and we took photographs by our DSLR camera. After spending two hours there we took our lunch in a restaurant. After that, we started our journey for home. It would be more enjoyable if you could accompany us. I will never forget the journey. The memory of the journey will remain ever fresh in my heart.

That's all for today. Have a lovely time.

Your loving friend

Gazi Sharif

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